Rides & Events

Feb. 28 Ladies of Harley Meeting
Feb. 28 DCH Officers Meeting
Mar. 9 Annual Road Captain Training
Mar. 13 DCH Chapter Social
Mar. 20 LOH Dinner - Clancey's 
Mar. 23 Wings Over  the Rockies
Mar. 27 Ladies of Harley Meeting

Mar. 27 DCH Officers Meeting
Apr. 10 DCH Chapter Social
Apr. 13 Put-Put Golf
Apr. 17 LOH Dinner
Apr. 21 Garden of the Gods Picnic
Apr. 24 Ladies of Harley Meeting
Apr. 24 DCH Officers Meeting
May. 4 I-70/ Horsetooth Ride
May. 8 DCH Chapter Social
May. 11 Mother's Day Ride - Cherry Pie Estes Park
May. 15 LOH Dinner
May. 18 Airforce Academy Resturaunt
May. 22 Ladies of Harley Meeting
May. 22 DCH Officers Meeting
May. 25-27 Mesa Verda/Cortez
June. 1 Sand Dunes & Alligator Farm
June. 2 Decker's Loop
June. 8 Wildlife Sanctuary
June. 12 DCH Chapter Social
June. 15 Father's Day Ride
June. 19 LOH Dinner
June. 26 Ladies of Harley Meeting
June. 26 DCH Officers Meeting
June. 29-30 Glenwood Springs Overnight
July. 10 DCH Chapter Social
July. 13 Bear Creek State Park
July. 14 Pike's Peak
July. 17 LOH Dinner
July. 24 Ladies of Harley Meeting
July. 24 DCH Officers Meeting
Juy. 27 500 Mile
Aug. 10 9 Pass Ride
Aug. 14 DCH Chapter Social
Aug. 21 LOH Dinner
Aug. 24 1000 Mile
Aug. 28 Ladies of Harley Meeting
Aug. 28 DCH Officers Meeting
Aug. 31 - Sept. 2 3 Day Ride
Sept. 7 Trail Ridge
Sept. 11 DCH Chapter Social
Sept. 14  Steamboat Ride
Sept. 18 LOH Dinner
Sept. 22 Fall Colors
Sept. 25 Ladies of Harley Meeting
Sept. 25 DCH Officers Meeting
Sept. 28 Fall Colors
Oct. 5 TBD
Oct. 9 DCH Chapter Social
Oct. 23 Ladies of Harley Meeting
Oct. 23 DCH Officers Meeting
Nov. 13 DCH Chapter Social
Nov. 16 Turkey Trot
Nov. 27 Ladies of Harley Meeting
Nov. 27 DCH Officers Meeting
Dec. 11 DCH Chapter Social


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All year long, your Editor, backed by a crack ninja squad, works tirelessly to assemble what can only be described as the pinnacle of publishing... The treasure of typography... You know it, you love it, Chapter Newsletter!
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Regional Rank                              Chapter Name                                                                              Total (MI)        35                            0405 - PIKES PEAK CHAPTER                                                                    587 mi        36                            0415 - WESTERN SLOPE CHAPTER GRAND JUNCTION CO                  315 mi        38                            5220 - DOUGLAS COUNTY CHAPTER COLORADO                                 124 mi

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Biannual Road Captain Training

https://www.denverchapterhog.org/events/biannual-road-captain-training-0 Sat, 03/11/2023 - 9:00pm Biannual Road Captain Training 9 AM Breakfast American Legion Post 178 10 AM Meeting start 12 Noon Meeting end

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The Denver Chapter #3188 Primary Officers For 2024

Rick Bond


Wes Discher

Assistant Director

Bethany Porter


Bob King